*Dave Chappelle without a doubt is a funny dude. Most of the time.

After making headlines  after bombing at Alonzo Mourning’s Summer Groover charity event last Friday, he poked some fun at himself the next night. He even apologized for his bad attitude. This time he did his thing and got off stage in a timely manner.

The second [was] try better than the first,” tweeted Miami.com. “No hecklers and Dave Chappelle doing well…time to call it a comeback.

The commentary that followed Friday’s meltdown was repelled with positivity the next night with fabulous tweet messages.

Roland Martin commented, saying the comedian was back in high spirits.

He was [angry] at the folks who were videotaping his set [Friday night],” Martin wrote. “And he didn’t appreciate the heckling from the fans in the front row.”

Friday night was simply a disaster after he fell apart just after his first joke, making his night on stage. He held the audience hostage it seemed for an hour as he checked text messages, and refused to tell jokes.