*Everyone was excited when 90s group En Vogue announced that they would be reuniting to record new music and go on tour.

Well it’s a new year and neither has happened yet.

The tour is in the making. However, the new music won’t be coming around any time soon.

The scoop is group member and rebel Dawn Robinson up and  decided not to sing on the new album that was slated to come out this Fall.

After making the announcement on the group’s Facebook fanpage, the singer was hit with a whole lot of hate mail.

She wasn’t quiet about it though and responded on her Facebook page:

Ok, I’m getting angry emails from fans bcuz I’m not doing the new EV cd. Geez luweez, you’d swear their very survival was contingent upon the decisions I make lol!

“We are only on this planet for a short time then its OVER. I live my life my way & some hate me 4 that….OH WELL lol!
I have valid reasons 4 my decisions.

“I’m excited about my future & I hope you come along 4 the journey. If not I love you anyway.
Just FYI…I’m not doing the NY BB Kings show on 7.22 or DC on 7.23 with EV because I have a solo show in FT KNOX KY playing for the troops. I’m so excited & proud to perform for them! NY I love you ” ~ Dawn