Mark and Danny Bradley

*In life, mothers are the caregivers and fathers are the providers and in every case when the father fades away from the family, he is known as a dead-beat dad. But in some cases, the mother could be the reason for such activity.

In the autobiography, “1nsepara6le-Faith, Family, Fatherhood,” a son and father relationship is reconnecting. “Talks about the love and sacrifice that my father displayed over 25 years,” said NFL player Mark Bradley who wrote the story about his life with his father, Danny Bradley. “It also talks about how he had to endure a multitude of things that the family put towards him led by my mother over a period of time,” he added.

With many homes in this country fatherless, recent Census Bureau stats read nearly 24 million children in America live in biological father-absent homes and Mark Bradley’s story can depict a fatherless home in full effect.

To back track, Danny was a successful man in life despite the domestic violence brought upon him by his father. He overcame the dysfunctional obstacles his family endured by surpassing in sports. He enrolled into the University of Oklahoma and then drafted to the NFL by the Los Angeles Rams. Danny met Mark’s mother, Denise in high school where they were friends with benefits that led to an intimate night that resulted in having Mark. As Danny became a nationally known athlete, Mark’s mother decided at this time to get in on the recognition bandwagon for having a child by him.

“From a father perspective, people can look at this story and see that I am trying to be the best father that I can be,” said Danny Bradley. “In situations where it’s the mother acting irresponsibly we tend to hesitate to talk about it because we respect and honor our mothers. But one thing we hope to get across is to encourage young men to be patient and fight to be good dads and give fathers in general a different spiritual outlook than that of a dead-beat dad,” he added.

In which Danny was prompted into being a great father unlike the one he never had, he used his faith and focus to be around for Mark. Putting forth effort, and the determination of Danny to become part of Mark’s life, their relationship overtime grew stronger.

In 1nsepara6le, Mark depicted the meaning of Faith, Family, Fatherhood. It signifies the issues that his father had to endure with his mom and the family, the faith his father had in God, and how he responded to a lot of these issues dealing with the family. “Without having that faith established in his life he would not be the father he is,” Mark added.

The overall theme of 1nsepara6le is love, sacrifice and forgiveness. Mark and Danny‘s story encourages that the only true way to overcome issues the right way in life period, is ‘by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony’, Rev 12:11. They elaborate that if individuals are not willing to share what they’ve overcome in life, then others would have a difficult time believing that their situation can change too.

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