*CeCe Peniston, once a fixture on the pop, r&b and dance charts with hits like “Keep On Walkin’” and “Finally,” is back with a new single that broadens her musical style even more.

“When I heard the music, it was just something I was feeling, and something just said go with it,” Peniston tells EUR exclusively about the rock-flavored sound of her new single “Stoopid!,” the first release from her forthcoming album “CeCe.”

“It is a little bit different than what people have heard from me in the past, and I feel like that’s good because that’s what’s going to get people’s attention.” [Scroll down to listen.]

Due in August, the singer’s fifth studio album, and first solo effort since 1996’s “I’m Movin’ On,” is the result of a record deal she inked in February with West Swagg Music Group/Bungalo Records, which has distribution through Universal Music Group.  “Stoopid!,” currently available on iTunes and Amazon.com, is intended to set the tone of her return.

“It’s going to say CeCe has something new, she’s grown and she’s not afraid to try new things,” says Peniston, 41.

One of those new things is a commitment to getting and staying fit. About a year and a half ago, Peniston underwent liposuction and has since lost more than 30 pounds – going from a size 10 to a size 6.  Before the surgery, the singer had been working out and shedding weight, but grew impatient when she wasn’t seeing the results she expected.

“When I kept losing and I didn’t see what I needed to see, I’m like – being on stage, people want to see a certain look, and I got a YouTube reality check, and that’s why I decided to do it,” said the artist, who stands all of 5’4”. “I saw myself from afar, and I was like you know what? That is the last time I’m going to ever see that again.”

In the audio bonus below, CeCe tells us how it’s been going since the procedure, and how she’s been “able to maintain my size 6.”

CeCe Peniston on keeping fit since liposuction by CherieNic