*Dallas Cowboys wide reciver Roy E. Williams got upset recently when he asked Miss Texas USA, Brooke Daniels, for her hand in marriage with a $76,000 ring. Oh, by the way, he sent the ring and his proposal in the mail.

Let’s all take a long pause…

Despite the interesting and elaborate proposal, she rejected his request, but kept the ring.

So the jock filed paper court paperwork demanding for the return of the ring or $76,600.

In addition to the ring, he also spent $5,000 for school and dental bills, a baseball for the pageant winner’s brother and a recorded marriage proposal with the expensive piece of jewelry.

Williams’ insurance company launched an investigation to locate the ring and found out that it’s with Brooke’s daddy, Michael Daniels, who claims he has proof that the football player told his sweet daughter to keep the ring. But in order to avoid any trouble, he’s planning to return the rock.