This Summer will bring you another Hot Single titled “Fo Fingaz Up” produced by Stone Beatz, from Hip Hop recording artist “LO’Key Tha YG” representing that West Coast Sound. As the title suggests, “Fo Fingaz up” from the Up Coming Album titled “Blessed Wit Game” will take you on a trip to fun times throughout Southern and Northern California.

DJ Crazy Toones states “Hold up ya Dubs and get ready”, Street Motivation Magazine raves that “Lo’key Tha YG” is the next generation of music”, and MTV states that “Lo’Key has a humble talent that will go far”.  Please take the time out to add this artist website to one of your favorite sites www.lokeythayg.com and make sure that you begin to support this new up coming artist throughout all of his musical endeavors.

There are a lot of new artist coming out and they need all of our help to push them through, no dream can be achieved without the Blessings of others.  Get your download copy of the single available June 15th, 2011 from www.lokeythayg.com


Thank you.