*Gilbert Arenas is in a rage right now after it finally hit him that his ex-wife, Laura Govan will be on television possibly talking about him.

So he’s demanding “Basketball Wives: LA” be stopped and that his ex’s involvement has the potential to exploit him and damage his image.

However, there are no plans to even mention his name in the show. But he says just the title of the show and Govan’s presence is an obvious sign of malice.

This whole claim and demand to cease production is just the opposite of what he was saying not too long ago via Twitter:

for everybody talkin about my BM on that tv show..i dont care what she does..if she gets a job I [pay] less money to her(SMART THINKER HERE).”

1 they cant lie about u on tv u can sue the show 2 if they hav a job it lowers ur pay..so let them work,” he reasoned.

This isn’t the first time behind the scenes drama has ensued over the show.

In May, Chris Bosh filed suit to keep his ex, Allison Mathis off the original series. But she filed a countersuit, claiming he lied to producers about her eligibility to keep her off the show.

And others have protested as well, including Matt Barnes.