*Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain says President Obama is “not a strong black man” in the mold of Martin Luther King Jr.

The former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, who is the only black candidate among the major Republican hopefuls, expanded on his views about Obama in an interview with The New York Times magazine.

In the magazine’s “Talk” feature, Cain was asked about his statement at a Tea Party rally in March that the mainstream news media are “doubly scared that a real black man might run against Barack Obama.”

“A real black man is not timid about making the right decisions,” Cain tells the magazine. As for Obama, Cain goes on to say “it is documented that his mother was white and his father was from Africa. If he wants to call himself black, fine. If he wants to call himself African American, fine. I’m not going down this color road.”

When pressed if he’s saying that Obama is not really a black man, Cain responds “not in terms of a strong black man that I’m identifying with” and cites the civil rights leader and his father, Luther Cain Jr.

Cain said his dad didn’t have a lot of formal education but had a “Ph.D. in common sense.”

Cain has highlighted the support he’s received from some in the Tea Party movement. In the below music video promoting his campaign, the businessman hits back at Tea Party critics who say supporters are racist.