Queen Latifah in her role as news anchor Sharon Love on VH1's 'Single Ladies.'

*Queen Latifah is one of the most powerful actresses in Hollywood, but she is also a businesswoman, jazz singer, and first and foremost,  a rapper.

She started out as a rapper using the moniker Queen Latifah and her feet are solid in the bedrock of the hip-hop world.

She recently starred in a film produced by her multimedia company, Flavor Unit, called ”Just Wright” where she played fellow rapper, Common’s, physical therapist turned love interest. But, the movie was a financial flop grossing only a little over $22 million worldwide.

Although the film was a great representation of black film.  The language was PG and intelligent images of sensible, hard-working African Americans were plentiful.  But, it doesn’t seem that the Queen’s public could accept her in that role. (more…)