*Everyone has an opinion, even NFL stars.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Jerome Bettis (pictured) is “disappointed” with defensive star James Harrison for the comments he made recently about his fellow players and the NFL’s head man in Men’s Journal.

In the article, the athlete put NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on front street when he said he would never respect the executive. He also said some things about teammates Ben Roethisberger and Rashad Mendenhall, saying that “Big Ben” needed to “stop trying to act like Peyton Manning,” and that Mendenhall was a “fumble machine.”

Bettis is frowning because he believes if his peer had any issues with any other athletes, he should have handled those matters privately, away from the press.

“It’s disappointing to hears some of the comments he made about his teammates because this is a team game,” Bettis shared. “It’s not an offense-against-defense type situation. It’s a team, and you’ve got to go out there and compete as a team.”

James Harrison