*Jill Scott is an honest woman and she’ll say what’s on her mind. She recently told Us Weekly that she’s ready to step back into love and has unleashed her sexuality and is no longer celibate.

She said she’s opting for the “fifth date” rule and might be giving it up to someone special.

“The whole celibacy thing, you could throw that out the window. That’s over,” she said.

She said in the midst of her break from sex, she learned some valuable lessons. But now that it’s over, she’s decided to take things slow to progressively getting physical.

“I don’t have physical intimacy until at least the fifth date. So I can get to know who I’m dealing with and they can get to know me. It just gives me a chance to get to know the person.”

Right now, the eligible bachelorette is looking for some real love and a long lasting relationship after splitting with her ex, drummer Lil’ John Roberts, who she has a one-year-old son with.

“I’m a single girl in the world, but if I don’t have some standards then I can be making the same mistakes that I made in the past. I do want love. Genuine love. And sometimes sex can get in the way.”