*After two years of keeping a low profile, singer Joe is ready to release his ninth studio album called “The Good, The Bad, The Sexy.”

“This is a great album, more mainstream,” Joe tells Singersroom. “Different from ‘Signature’ completely. It’s really more mainstream, and still a mix between mainstream and that classic Joe.”

He doesn’t anticipate a huge new fan base, at least those who are into the pop and the dance sound R&B is generating these days.

“I wouldn’t say it’s more dancing. My first single, I would say, is more on the dance side. [But] I wouldn’t say dance because when you say dance nowadays, you’re going more European. Usher’s done a few dance records now, and quite a few [other artists] have too. Everyone’s pretty much going that dance route,” the singer explains. “But if it doesn’t fit me or my style, I just think my fans would be utterly disappointed in me going that direction. So I tried to give them something of what they’re used to and something they haven’t heard before just to spark them up a little.”

The singer expressed his true feelings about music these days, saying it’s taken a turn in a direction R&B was never to take. He says it sounds more mainstream and blends with Pop. But he did lament that he understands that people are just trying to get their hustle on and “ride the wave.”

It’s a struggle out here to continue to do what you do, [which] becomes monotonous to people’s thinking. I can’t really say who is really holding it down like that because it’s a struggle for all of us in the R&B game to deliver good music, remain honest, do what you’re doing, and be successful at it as well.”