Kyrie Irving

*NBA rookie Kyrie Irving is already dealing with the drama and the craze of being a celebrity.

The No. 1 draft pick for the Cleveland Cavaliers had to put a restraining order on a fan.

Jessica Jackson, who calls herself Miss Hawaii, threatened to stab the basketball player via a Twitter message and posted obsessive videos on YouTube about the poor guy.

But who knows if it wasn’t something he provoked. Just saying.

A few months ago, the two were exchanging messages via Twitter and Skype. But Jackson eventually took the contact a little far and traveled to North Carolina unannounced and approached the star.

When the they finally met, he didn’t like what he saw and basically rejected her, ending all communication with the girl.

But Jackson wasn’t going down so easily. She was hurt and that’s when the threats began.

This isn’t the first time the probably undiagnosed fan attempted to contact NBA and college athletes. It just so happened she found someone to fall into her trap.

At any rate, hopefully the young strapping fellow has learned his lesson and will move on with life and stay away from online relationships.

Jessica Jackson