*Finally the first photos of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s babies have popped up on Twitter.  Well, sort of.

The singer posted a pic of her baby girl Monroe last weekend. But she wasn’t too pleased to be on camera just yet.

“This is baby Monroe saying “no pictures dahhhhling” at 7+1/2 weeks … oh dear :),” The photo showed Monroe swaddled in a pink houndstooth baby blanket and waving away the picture taker, in a classic diva fashion.

There is a price paparazzi are willing to pay for the twins’ photos, but it’s nothing compared to the $14 million offered for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts first photos of their babies last year.

But Nick and Mariah aren’t concerned so much about the price and really don’t think they want to sell photos of their kids. Instead they’re looking for a more kosher way of sharing with the world their bundles of joy.

“They’re talking to a number of publications about doing it in the best and most tasteful way,” a source told Page Six. “Nick has said on radio he doesn’t feel entirely comfortable selling pictures of his children. But the first picture remains very valuable to the paparazzi.”