*Marsha Ambrosius has had a stand out year and is making a bold statement with her debut album, “Late Nights, Early Mornings.”

Pushing the envelope and pressing the issue of homosexuality, the singer released a video that put away any doubts about what she was trying to say before.

In an interview with Singersroom, she shared that the video is just stating the obvious.

“‘Late Nights & Early Mornings‘ is a video that attacks the obvious. It’s something near and dear to me, and I’m responsible for making very sensually charged music. So my only thing is, I would have a million dollars for everyone that told me they would make babies or something off of my music. And I was like, ‘Is no one having protected sex out here?! What the hell?!’ the songstress jokes.

“So I did my video, which states the obvious, like some people don’t know their status. The feedback for the video was like ‘I can’t believe you slept with guy, knowing he had…’ Well what if you didn’t know? Some people are genuinely not conscious of what’s going on with themselves, don’t get checked, don’t get tested. So I was just stating the obvious.”

In the meantime, she’s the opening act alongside her peer Keyshia Cole during R. Kelly’s “Love Letters” tour.