Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles leaves Capitol Hill after speaking on behalf of the Humane Society in support of legislation that will crack down on animal fighting spectators during a news conference in Washington July 19, 2011.

*Madison Avenue is slowly coming back around to Michael Vick.

One day after appearing on Capitol Hill to support legislation against dog fighting, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback scored his second endorsement deal since being released from prison on Jan. 27.

On Wednesday, Vick, who signed with Nike earlier this month, became an equity partner in Double Eagle Holdings, Ltd., the parent company of Fuse Science, Inc. And as part of the agreement, Vick will endorse Fuse Science and its line of sports nutrition vitamins and minerals.

“Fuse Science has game-changing technology and an incredible team of scientists and business leaders to bring it to market,” Vick said. “I believe these products will revolutionize how athletes provide their bodies with nutrients and medicines, changing what we have come to accept as normal.”

Vick, who led Philadelphia to an NFC East title last season, signed his first endorsement after being released from prison on Jan. 27 with Unequal Technologies, a company that produces football pads. And then on July 1, he returned to Nike, a company that had previously dropped him.

“He’s a changed man,” Fuse Science CEO Adam Adler told The Associated Press. “As part of that change, he’s becoming a businessman and not just a football player. He’s the hungriest athlete, he’s the best athlete in any sport and it was a no-brainer to bring Michael in and build around him.”

Vick joined Humane Society of the United States president Wayne Pacelle in Washington Tuesday to announce support for legislation that would penalize criminals who finance animal fighting or who bring children to such events as dogfights and cockfights.

The bill, H.R. 2492, was introduced by U.S. Reps. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) and Betty Sutton (D-Ohio). It’s aimed at correcting the gap in federal law on animal fighting and aiding a crackdown on the crime.

Watch his press conference below.