*Nancy Grace – whose coverage of the Casey Anthony murder trial received nearly as much attention as the case itself – says her focus now is to put the backlash behind her.

“I know that a lot of people hate me and say rotten things about me,” the HLN network legal commentator, 51, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The only thing I can do is keep working.”

Though she expressed outrage over Casey Anthony’s acquittal, Grace – a former prosecutor – says she still has faith in the American legal system.

“It’s a very hard thing to digest when your justice system fails you, but … you cannot stop believing in it because it is the best system in the world,” she says. “The system can fail, but that’s all we have.”

With Anthony set to be released on July 17 (moved from the original release date of July 13) Grace says she will now devote her attention to other cases.

“We’ve covered literally hundreds of missing people, missing children, unsolved homicides since Caylee went missing,” she says. “It’s just hard when you’re so emotionally invested in a particular case. … But like every good trial lawyer, what you have to do is set aside those emotions and that investment, because there are other cases that need you. So I’m going to pick up the next file and go on to the next missing person or missing child or unsolved homicide.”

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Meanwhile, on his Fox News Channel show Thursday, Bill O’Reilly went off on the Casey Anthony juror who gave an interview to ABC News explaining why they voted that Casey Anthony was not guilty.

After playing a clip of Ford telling ABC News’ Terry Moran that she thinks Caylee may have died after a pool accident, which is the theory the defense put forward, O’Reilly fumed, “What on earth is Jennifer Ford talking about? … Are you kidding me? There is no evidence that Caylee Anthony died from an accident. None. It was a theory from the defense team, and when crunch time came they couldn’t present a shred of evidence to back up the theory. Yet Jennifer Ford — and I believe other jurors — apparently believes there could have been an accident involved. Based on what? Maybe a Martian came down and put duct tape over Caylee’s mouth? Juries have to operate on facts, not irresponsible, unproved theories.”

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