*The NFL is back on track and moving players around.

The Washington Redskins reportedly will be losing Donovan McNabb and throwing him to the Minnesota Vikings, which is perfect considering the retirement of Bret Farve. According to ESPN, the team is in a good position for a winning season with veterans on board.

But the deal is not sealed yet. There are some other changes that may happen including a 2012 sixth-round draft pick and some other trades.

McNabb isn’t the only one being moved. The Tennessee Titans just signed a multi-year contract with former Seattle Seahawks QB, Matt Hasselbeck, since his own team didn’t want to keep him any longer. Instead, former Viking, Tarvaris Jackson will be moving over to the Seahawks.

In other NFL news, it looks like Michael Vick’s starting position is s sealed deal in Philly and the Carolina Panthers have decided to re-sign running back DeAngelo Williams for a five-year $43 million contract.

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