Karla Redding Andrews (R), daughter of Otis Redding, and her mother Zelma

*Jay-Z and Kanye West say they got the blessing of Otis Redding’s family to sample his track “Try a Little Tenderness” for their new single “Otis.”

Before adding the track to their upcoming joint album “Watch the Throne,” permission had to be granted from the late soul singer’s estate – looked after by his widow, Zelma Redding, and daughter Karla Redding-Andrews.

“When it was brought to us, it was quite interesting,” said Karla. “We wanted to, first of all, see the lyrics and, secondly, hear the song. We couldn’t find anything negative as it relates to the association with Otis Redding.

“My mother has protected that legacy for so many years; therefore she gave them the approval to do it.”

Karla added her family are huge fans of Jay-Z and Kanye and are pleased the rap pair will bring Redding’s music to a new generation.

She added to MTV: “It really means a lot to me, particularly to a whole new generation of young legends, because that’s what Jay-Z and Kanye are. I just think it’s wonderful to tie an old legendary artist whose music history will never die to something that they have come up with. I just think the collaboration was certainly a tribute to him, and it’s really great.”

Redding died in a plane crash in 1967 when he was just 26. The Throne’s album “Watch the Throne” is set for release on Aug. 8.