*Hip-hop producer Pete Rock is disgusted with the actions of officers who swooped in on patrons at a recent launch party for rap duo Smif-n-Wessun’s new album.

The group was holding an event to celebrate the release of its album “Monumental” in New York City Tuesday (June 28) when the venue’s security called police after an altercation among guests. When cops arrived, scuffles broke out and the officers drew their batons and used what they called “appropriate force” to deal with the disturbance.

But Rock has issued a statement accusing cops of overreacting and claiming his wife and stepdaughter were caught up in the violence at Manhattan’s Tammany Hall.

“We were coming out and someone was screaming, ‘Yo, Pete, your wife, your wife.’ So I ran out to make sure they were okay and to make sure the cop would stop hitting them,” Pete Rock told MTV News. “My stepdaughter said the cop was hitting her leg and she jumped in the way for her mother, which is my wife, to take the hits… The cop was going bananas (out of control).”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the New York Police Department says, “Police officers had every right to defend themselves against individuals assaulting them, and used appropriate force in doing so. They also protected civilians who were being pelted with bottles at the outset, as they responded to the location at the request of the club’s own security.”