*Instead of singer Miguel sharing a tune or two on New York City’s Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club fans Wednesday morning, the station took a shot at his sexuality in a spoof.

His No.2 hit song, “Sure Thing,” was played with some new lyrics.

“You can bet that, you don’t have to sweat that” was replaced with, “You can bet that, Miguel wants your butt crack,” which was then followed by a voice asserting “n—- you’re gay.”

Although the singer says he loves women, there are still some questions out there.

And of course the LGBT civil rights organization The Human Rights Campaign condemned the  station’s remarks.

“There’s nothing humorous about homophobia,” said Deputy Press Secretary Paul Guequierre. “When young people who might be struggling with their identity listen to the radio, they shouldn’t hear a dangerous message of hate. Radio stations have a responsibility instead to send a message that embraces everyone for who they are