*There was some confusion on the matter, but the dust has settled. It’s true. Formula 1 racecar driver Lewis Hamilton is engaged to longtime girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger, even though they once called it quits.

“You know about the proposal? Yes they are engaged,” Nicole’s dad Alfonso Valiente said. “My future son-in-law is a really nice guy, really down-to-earth. My family all like him. The good spirit is there.”

It was only last year Alfonso met his daughter’s man when he had a race in the family’s hometown Oahu, Hawaii.

“When he walked into the house for the first time he picked up one of the babies,” Alfonso recalled. “That went down very well. He is sincere and he and my daughter seem genuinely happy together. Lewis is a really good guy. When they came to visit, we hired them a Jeep because he had never driven one before.”

The two lovebirds first started dating in 2007. Despite their 7 year age difference (Nicole 33 and Lewis 26), they have matching energy and a fabulous connection, according to Valiente.