*Even though El DeBarge made it to the stage and performed in New Orleans at the Essence Festival (pictured in photo), there’s still some lingering controversy about the recent Urban Legends show where he performed at or didn’t perform at, depending on one’s point of view,  in Ontario California that still got folks scratching their heads over.

Well, Morris O’Kelly’s Mo’Kelly Report has uncovered some info that may be helpful in sorting things out. maybe.

Mo’Kelly is only reporting this…take it however you like.  In the hours after the somewhat controversial performance of El DeBarge at the Urban Legends concert in Ontario, California at the end of June; speculation abounded as to whether sobriety, a rogue promoter or manager was the real issue which needed to be discussed.

(See background info and video HERE.)

Allegedly El was set to perform and then the family was to “surprise” him; joining him on stage.  Evidently somebody didn’t want that to happen.  Whether it was a substance issue, a promoter issue or a manager issue…it’s not yet resolved.

Preceding a long thread on Etterlene DeBarge’s (mom) facebook page, her status had this to say…

But Bunny (Sis) had THIS to say in rebuttal about the night.

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