*Shaunie O’Neal is having a change of heart about VH1’s top rated show, “Basketball Wives.” In a recent interview with ebonyjet.com she shared that with all the criticism she’s received about the show, she understands and basically agrees.

“I get a lot of flack,” says O’Neal. “People say to me: ‘You’re saying the betrayal of Black women is bad on TV, but your show is one of the number one reasons why it is.’ Guess what? I agree! But you look at those credits — it’s more than me executive producing it. I brought this vision to a table full of people, a table full of executives, and since then it has taken on its own new thing.”

Never did she expect the show to blow up as big and popular as it’s gotten, let alone the drama. From Miami to now Los Angeles, “Basketball Wives” is just one of those controversial shows everyone has to watch.

With the expansion, she said the show is a bit more than what she wanted it to be when it comes to the L.A. series.

“I really came in with the concept of having a group of women that come together and are associated by the game of basketball, whether it be their husbands, fiancés — there’s some long-term relationship with a man in basketball and the game of basketball — and that’s how we formed this sisterhood and friendship,” she says. “The L.A. cast — there are some wives and fiancés, which I’m fine with. But there’s a little bit of trash kind of sprinkled into that cast that I’m totally against. I was really very hands off with that cast.”

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