*Footballer Terrell Owens is going to court later this month over a child support dispute between him and his child’s mother, Melanie Paige Smith.

The NFL (Cincinnati Bengals) wide receiver is being accused of not paying the full amount of child support amount of $5,000 due for the month of June, according to ajc.com.

Owens, 37, via his publicist, responded to the allegations in a statement:

“We are saddened by Ms. Smith and her attorney’s need to bring this to the public as a news story. Mr. Owens has never once missed a payment or fell behind in child support payments for any of his children. When his income changed a few times over the last few years, dramatically decreasing, he continued to pay the child support amounts as they were structured for his previous significantly higher income. For June 2011, Mr. Owens communicated directly with Ms. Smith to let her know prior that he would only be able to pay half of the month’s support payment on the due date.”