Darryl James

*Critical thinking and independent thought are rare in a world of social seeding and engineered popular culture.

Yes, popular culture, which once developed organically from Black culture, is now artificially stimulated, taking backward portions of Black mis-socialization into the mainstream, which, even when it comes back to our own community appears smooth, but in reality is as artificial as fake sweetener.  Blacks who have either been raised on that fake culture, or have simply been duped into accepting it as their own, now have very little sense of who we are, who we once were or who we could potentially be.

This may explain forty and fifty year old men and women who would rather wear silly hairstyles and ridiculous clothing, claiming to be “ghetto” and “real,” instead looking like clowns, duped into foolish behavior symptomatic of arrested development.

This may also explain why many of us have begun to turn on our own people.  The likes of neo-Black Conservatives, who are really radical activists for change attack every effort made by anyone to deal with real issues faced by the Black community, operating under the false reality that America really is one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all. The saccharine reality they have been consuming has deluded them into thinking this nation is really a melting pot.

And sadly, this explains why Black people can tell jokes of how perfect white people are with the punchline being how dysfunctional Black people are in comparison and Black people will pack the house to laugh. I understand it, but I am still confounded by the throngs of blind-minded morons who emailed me to defend the advent of Black men in drag simply because it makes them laugh.

So many of us have been raised on fake culture and disconnected from our heritage of dignity that we have come to expect laughter instead of reality and entertainment instead of hard work.

There has been so much abject avoidance of reality that those among us who still see the world clearly are maligned and attacked for dealing with real issues that real people are affected by.  Those who have a false sense of reality are so shocked by the divergence that they recoil from it and lash out at that which confuses them.

Their retarded mental state has them believing that freedom of expression means cursing at or otherwise deriding someone who will simply take it.

But our freedom of expression was abandoned in a time when we were searching for something greater than what we are.  We believed that we could be more and we were well on our way to grasping it.  Where we once set lofty goals to surpass the best of us, now, we define ourselves by how good we look in comparison to the worst of us.

And, instead of working to make things better, we turn to anything that will allow an escape—especially comedy.

So, perhaps it feels good to laugh because the world is so difficult.  But while the people are laughing, the joke is on them. The world economy is in the toilet, while a few continue to get richer and many continue to get poorer.

This nation is slowly but surely becoming a police state as civil rights are being offered up by the frightened masses who are barely aware and stolen from those who are happily asleep.

Our children are fed over-processed garbage devoid of nutrition and given little activity. Most of America’s youth are undereducated and ill-prepared to compete on a global level, yet we blame the children of poverty for poor schools while the nation spends more on defense than school improvement or teachers’ salaries and more to bailout failing corporations than on after school programs or books.

The nation is creating a subculture of undereducated, underemployed people who are finding it hard to remain hopeful, while those who have better chances and better choices bitch and moan about how the poor make it hard for the “rest of us.”

But the great equalizer is coming as global greed and manipulation for power go into the end game.  Those without are prepared because they have already been functioning with worn out tools.  Those who have or pretend to have and lose will be harmed greatly because they were looking for the laughter while the situation kept getting sadder and sadder.

There is a big, black boot headed for their stupid behinds, but they’re laughing so hard that they can’t see it coming.  Sad, but they won’t realize it until it has kicked the stuffing out of them and smashed their hopes and dreams. They won’t wake up until it is too late and they are left with broken lives for which they will continue to use medication or alcohol, spending or sex, gambling or comedy to pretend away, looking for the punchline because they have been punched while in line.

And it’s really not even funny.

Again, it has been said that he who laughs last, laughs best.

When it comes to laughing at African Americans and ignorant Black comedy, we have to seriously ask ourselves: “Who’s laughing last? Who’s laughing best?”

We’re doing neither.

Darryl James is an award-winning author of the powerful new anthology “Notes From The Edge.”  James’ stage play, “Love In A Day,” opened in Los Angeles this Spring and will be running all Summer. View previous installments of this column at www.bridgecolumn.proboards36.com. Reach James at [email protected].