*A lawsuit has been filed by the group American Atheists over the display of a cross that emerged from the wreckage of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers when America was attacked by Muslim radicals on Sept. 11, 2001, says WorldNetDaily.com.

Dave Silverman of the atheist organization said the cross is “a Christian icon” and was “presented as a reminder that their god, who couldn’t be bothered to stop the Muslim terrorists or prevent 3,000 people from being killed in his name, cared only enough to bestow upon us some rubble that resembles a cross.”

It was in the days following the attack on the WTC that construction worker Frank Silecchia found what has become known as the “World Trade Center Cross.” The steel beams in the rubble of 6 World Trade Center, apparently part of a joint of the structural components of the fallen buildings, became a source of comfort and hope for rescue workers.

Father Brian Jordan of the Church of the Holy Name of Jesus held a number of masses at the foot of that cross for rescue workers. The cross later was moved around the corner to St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, where it has been until days ago.
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