*It looks like Soulja Boy snookered TMZ (and us, too) with its recent report that he was buying a $55 million G5 jet for his 21st birthday on Thursday. Reuters is reporting that it’s not true. Here’s what The Buzz blog at AJC.com is reporting:

It appears widely circulated media reports indicating the young rapper had taken to the friendly skies were something of a publicity stunt.

No, really.

The source of the prank seems to be: Soulja Boy.

TMZ has the latest. Their report notes that the rapper went on the radio and told the interviewer he was in a “G5″ state of mind – and did not contradict the story about his swank new ride.

TMZ doesn’t sound too happy about being punked, either.

“When our reporter spoke with Soulja earlier this week — and asked him directly, he responded, “Hell yeah … I bought it.”

Say what you will about this gossip site but they’re usually accurate. They were the first to report Michael Jackson’s death, remember.

Meanwhile, radar online is reporting Soulja Boy owes $26,000 in back taxes to the state of California. We hope they got that right.