*MLB all-star, Derek Jeter made history on Saturday when he became the first ever New York Yankee to record 3,000 hits and with a home run at that.

Who was there to witness the whole thing? Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z watched from box seats behind the plate. He said he saw it coming.

“I actually called it,” Jay told reporters. “I called it for the wrong side though. I thought he was gonna hit the short porch [in right field], but he surprised everyone. I taped [the prediction] as well, so I’m good.”

Beyond the celebratory excitement, the rapper said the team’s captain is a “top tier” player and called him his best friend.

Check out Jay’s personal footage of the home run:

Hmm, now we know he’s just as lousy as the rest of us when it comes to taking good video with a camcorder or smartphone. 🙂