*The Essence Music Festival was one to remember this year, especially for the Old School New Edition fans. Bobby Brown reunited with his old band members on stage, dancing in their choreographed moves in matching suit jackets and pants.

But things seemed to start off a little strange when Brown purposely showed up late, tricking the audience into believing he was going to flake.

“I’m sorry I’m late, but I showed up,” he joked. “I’m the crazy one out of the bunch but I’m happy to be here.”

And they did a greast job and expressed their gratitude for being back in front of the fans.

“It feels good to get all six of us on stage,” said Ralph Tresvant. “It wasn’t easy but we’re here.”

The group, which underwent some challenges over the years, is back together and is ready to take over the industry once again.

After their show, the guys came back stage to speak with the press. EUR will post that coverage shortly.