*In an interesting interview on New York City’s Power 105.1, Tyrese shared his thoughts on relationship, sex, marriage and well … polygamy.

Although the sexy R&B singer claims to be no relationship expert, he did dispense a little advice while promoting his new book “How To Get Out of Your Own Way.”

He noted, that the “timing of when you get married” is very important because “men will be men. We can find that main one we want to love and want to focus on but in the end if you ain’t got everything out of your system, your curiosity is going to lead to you moving around a little bit.”

On polygamy, he added:

“If a man is going to move like that, then I don’t really think it needs a title. The title polygamy is just like a concept of you moving around. Just ‘do you’ but my thing is, if you’re going to move around like that, get your pimpin’ right and at least give the girls a heads up because I think the dipping off five-six women simultaneously making them all think they’re the only one, that’s when people get fired up at the end.”

And in his professional life, the part he’s an expert on, his next album, “Open Invitation” is due for November 1. It’s been a while for the artist, but he says it’s time especially with the way R&B has been going lately.

As far as his acting career is concerned, over the weekend Transformers 3 came out, grossing $97.5 million domestically. But that is the least of his concerns.

“I’ve been blessed to do these films, but I think my music fans (are) real frustrated,” Tyrese mused. “It’s a lot of other kinds of R&B going on right now. No disrespect; I’m glad they’re keeping it alive, but I think the spirit and the integrity of R&B has just went in the wrong direction.” He added. “A lot of people singing about sex, and you don’t want to have sex to their music.”

In the meantime, while his music is his focus, he’s waiting to hear back from Marvel, the comic book/movie studio, about a possible role as Black superhero Luke Cage.

“I’m one of the dudes in the running. I’m in the front of the running,” he said. “I just hope Marvel gets it together. They gotta make this Black superhero a priority, man.”