*Folks, it’s a different world out there now.

As an example, there’s this white female rapper who just loves to use the word “ni**a” all day and all night, it seems. Her name is V-Nasty. She’s a member of Kreayshawn’s White Girl Mob.

You see, Miss Nasty could give a crap about what you have to say. It’s obvious she’s not going to stop using it. In a new YouTube rant V-Nasty, who in her own words, is “the realest out right now,” she drops this (twisted) knowledge on ya:

“On some real n*gga sh*t…y’all muthaf*ckas ain’t never walked in my shoes, bruh. Y’all ain’t never seen where I came from.”

“That sh*t be hella fake, muthaf*ckas always asking Kreayshawn, ‘Why you gotta say n*gga?’ Is n*gga a f*cking race? Am I offending people? Am I saying it in a disrespectful type of way?”

Yeah, she actually went there. If you’re at work, you might wanna take deep breath and turn the speakers down or put on your earphones and check this crazy heffa out: