*Viola Davis, the cover girl for Essence magazine’s August issue, touches on a number of topics in her cover story, including coming to grips with a culture that seldom makes dark-skinned women feel like “the chosen one.”

The Oscar-nominated actress says she feels more like a “princess” now than ever before. As she anticipates the release of her new movie, “The Help,” Davis shares her story of growth and acceptance with writer Essence writer Lola Ogunnaike.

“As Black women, we’re always given these seemingly devastating experiences—experiences that could absolutely break us,” Davis says in the article. “But what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly. What we do as Black women is take the worst situations and create from that point…”

The entire article is available in the August issue of Essence, on newsstands July 12.

Emma Stone and Viola Davis in "The Help"

Meanwhile, EUR recently sat down with Davis’ co-star in “The Help,” Emma Stone, who described the veteran actress and her divine talent as “just hypnotic.”

“Oh my God, Viola’s like touched by something else. And I think there’s a reason why Meryl Streep is in awe of Viola,” Stone told us. “Viola just is that person.

“It’s rare that you’re in a scene with someone and you’re like zoning out, forgetting to say your lines because you just want to watch them. There’s a scene where I literally just stopped acting. I mean, you’re trying as much as you can to be present in the moment and not be acting when you’re in a scene, but I literally forgot that I was in the scene. It’s insane. She’s just hypnotic and beyond talented – and the coolest person.”

In the bonus audio below, Stone describes the scene.

The Help’s Emma Stone recalls special scene with co-star Viola Davis by CherieNic