*From Academy Award winning actress Sandra Bullock & Jesse James to America’s sweetheart Maria Shriver & Arnold Schwarzenegger, even the best of women can end up being hurt, betrayed and manipulated by the “bad boy.”

Whether it’s love being blind or having a hard time seeing what’s right in front of your eyes, “good girls” liking “bad boys” is a topic at the forefront of everyday life.

Now, the subject is reappearing on stages across the country with the re-launching of the hugely successful, top-grossing stage play-Angela Dunlap’s “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz?”

“Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz?” is an appeal to those women who are at a turning point in their life; those women who think “Mr. Right” will never come; and the families who have tried all they know to do and are basically at their wits end. It reveals the inward battle that exists in the minds of women who get so wrapped up in how he makes them feel, that they forfeit their future.

Angela Dunlap’s “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz? reemerges on stages across the country beginning on September 16th –  18th in Cleveland, OH at the Palace Theatre. The show, during its limited Fall run engagement, will also travel to DC on September 21st – 25th at the Warner Theatre, Philadelphia on September 27th – October 2nd at the Merriam Theatre,  Chicago on October 6th -9th at the Arie Crown Theater and New York on October 19th – 23rd at the Paradise Theater. For more information on the show and Angela Dunlap, log onto angeladunlap.com.

Angela Dunlap’s “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz?” was written by Angela Dunlap and Lizzie Berry and rose to national notoriety when it premiered on stages across the country in January of 1997. However, the show went into rehearsals and was mounted for private previews in 1996. When it first toured, the original title was “Why Good Girls Like Bad Boyz?” Fifty cities later, it became one of urban theater’s top-grossing stage plays of all time. Over a million people witnessed the production during its 2 ½ year run and often asked for the production to tour again. Now, 15 years later, it has become a reality and is going back on the road.

Nationally renowned playwright, director and producer, Angela Dunlap, is no stranger to the theatre world. She is what many have called “The Leading Lady of Urban Theatre.” After the success of Good Girls, Dunlap went on to write, direct and produce several hit stage plays, among them “Real Men Pray,” which starred singer Chico DeBarge, “I Won’t Be The Other Woman,” “My Sweet Potato Pie,” with double-platinum selling R&B artist Ginuwine and the long-running, top grossing mega hit stage play, “If These Hips Could Talk,” which starred legendary actor and icon Billy Dee Williams and actresses Lisa Raye, and Tichina Arnold. Most recently, Dunlap toured the stage plays, “My Brother Marvin,” which was based on the life and musical legacy of iconic singer Marvin Gaye and “Church Girl,” which starred Award-winning actress Robin Givens.

Bringing this unforgettable story back to the stage is a stellar cast of performers including Award-winning actors Leon (The Five Heartbeats, The Temptations & The Little Richard Story) & Clifton Powell (Ray, The Gospel, Next Friday & Friday After Next & Army Wives), actress Drew Sidora (Wild Hogs, Step Up, White Chicks & BET’s The Game) & actor Terrell Carter (Tyler Perry’s Diary of Mad Black Woman¸ “Madea’s Class Reunion” & “Meet The Browns”). Also returning to the stage in Angela Dunlap’s “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz ?” is  urban theatre veteran and R&B singer Anthony Grant, who has starred in some of the urban theatre circuit’s hottest hit shows, including Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor” and “Why Did I Get Married?” and other hit shows by Angela Dunlap including “If These Hips Could Talk,” and “My Brother Marvin,” where he starred as Marvin Gaye.

Angela Dunlap’s “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz?” is the explosive tale of one girl who knew better, but decided to become the woman her man wanted her to be. Shannon was daddy’s little girl and the pride and joy of her family. But, when she hit the college campus, she got caught up with the wrong man at the wrong time and her life took a terribly wrong turn. Whether it was his confidence or charm or the simple way he gave her everything her heart ever wanted or desired, Shannon fell for Silk and fell hard. Only time would tell if the values her parents taught her would one day be the weapon she would use to win the battle against the man that sought to destroy her.

Whether it’s the high powered Fortune 500 female executive or the hard-working housewife, no one is immune to the charms of the seemingly irresistible man who promises them the world, yet only turns their world upside down. And whether it happens in the corridors of Capitol Hill or in that palatial house in Hollywood Hills, “good girls” falling in love with or being influenced by the “bad boy” is nothing new.

“‘Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz?” is infused with my personal experiences as a woman,” shared Dunlap.  “But, my story isn’t rare, and that’s why it makes such an impact and hits home with so many people-men and women. For me, it boils down to wanting to produce shows that matter and writing plays that change lives. I can honestly say that this play truly empowers people from the stage, one laugh and one tear at a time. It still gives me goose bumps thinking about it after all these years.”



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