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*Many people in the literature may write a couple of books and their lives are set, but for Ashley and JaQuavis Coleman, co-authors of more than 20 bestselling novels, before even reaching the age of 25, are the hottest young African American voices in literature today. The New York Times Best selling literary couple has taken the literature field by storm. “It was a huge honor, it felt great to finally have our work validated by a big representative like the NY Times and it made us feel like this was a career,” said Ashley. “The doors for opportunity will be opening really soon for us and this is a big accomplishment,” added JaQuavis.

Starting at the age of 17 in high school in Flint, MI., Ashley and JaQuavis developed their first book when they met and discovered their mutual love for storytelling. Reading each others material, they decided to combine their works together and the rest is history. During their freshman year in college their first novel Dirty Money (2005), caught the attention of New York Times and Essence bestselling author and publisher Carl Weber. Ashley & JaQuavis were both signed to publishing deals before the end of that school year.

A jumpstart to an amazing book writing career, Ashley and JaQuavis developed a magnificent library with bestsellers such as, The Trophy Wife (2008), Diary of a Street Diva (2009), Supreme Clientele (2009) and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2009), to name a few. But it was The Cartel that readers around the country took notice of their true talents. The New York Times bestselling Cartel trilogy is the story of the fight to take down a ruthless Miami family drug Cartel.

“Real recognizes real and people have a tendency to gravitate to things that are real and authentic, so we talk about your crack head auntie, your prostitute mother, your incarcerated uncle, your little brother who is a hustler,” said JaQuavis. He added that they want to give readers every glimpse and every walk in life.

The Cartel trilogy was so real that it surfaced into the hands of co-founders Ronald “Slim” Williams and Bryan “Birdman” Williams of the iconic record label Cash Money Records, home to superstar hit makers like Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake. With the launch of their new book imprint Cash Money Content, the brothers struck a deal with Ashley & JaQuavis for their second trilogy, Murderville: First of a Trilogy, in stores now from Cash Money Content/Atria Books.

“Signing with Cash Money is a memorable thing thus far, you would never think a street novel or series would get attention of a big hip hop mogul, its whirlwind,” said Ashley. “In Cash money, everyone supports everybody, they show us a lot of love and they embrace you,” JaQuavis added.

The Coleman duo newest novel, Murderville: First of a Trilogy has been labeled as the couple’s best work. The expertly woven tale of love, crime and money takes the reader around the world from the streets of war-torn Sierra Leone to the Mexican drug trade and to Hollywood’s little known multi-million dollar A-List sex trade.

With their career rising Ashley and JaQuavis is also living the married life along with their 1 year old son. They both feel that life in this business is only acceptable when you have the drive to continue. “When we first started, we put our heart and soul into the first book and we said we want to be legendary,” said JaQuavis. He continued on that they want people to read and admire their work long after they are done writing. “Having the burning desire to be the greatest that ever lived is what separates artists in every aspect in media,” he added.

Ashley agreed and added that there is no limit when it comes to them. “We are trying to takeover this book thing one book at a time,” she said.

There success doesn’t stop there, as Ashley and JaQuavis have been offered of a possible film of their novel, “The Cartel.” Along with possible film production, the duo has been working on solo projects such as The Prada Plan 1 and 2. Look for the Prada Plan 3 soon, as well as the new book Dopeman from JaQuavis, also in stores soon.

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