*A local atheist group has erected ad panels on 30 bus shelters across Orange County, California encouraging commuters to doubt the Bible and God, according to the Christian Post.

Backyard Skeptics, the group behind the $8,000 campaign, boasts on its website that it has put up 30 bus-shelter ads from Anaheim to Mission Viejo. One outside a Target shopping center at Euclid Street carries a picture of the Holy Bible with the slogan, “Have Doubts? So Do We,” written underneath.

The campaign is aimed at letting other nonbelievers know “there is a community of non-theists who share the idea that we can be good without God,” The Orange County Register quoted Backyard Skeptics director Bruce Gleason as saying.

Gleason, a Villa Park resident, says his group “supports the atheist, agnostic, skeptic and humanist community with local meetings, potluck parties, food drives for the homeless and other events” and has about 400 members.

The ads are offending commuter, the newspaper noted. “If they don’t want to believe in God then they should just be quiet about it,” an Anaheim resident, Melinda Holt, was quoted as saying. “Why do they have to buy a poster and put it in public view? I’m a Christian and to see the Holy Bible in an ad that questions its worth – that’s just not OK.”

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