Actress Erica Gluck speaks during the 'Trinity Goodheart' panel during the GMC portion of the 2011 Summer TCA Tour at the Beverly Hilton on July 27, 2011 in Beverly Hills

*She grew up before our eyes as the original pint-sized Brittany Pitts on “The Game.”  But on Saturday (Aug 20), Erica Gluck is a grown tweener in perhaps her biggest part to date – the title role of GMC’s original film “Trinity Goodheart.”

As previously reported, Eric Benet stars as Trinity’s single father Jeremy. Trinity approaches him with news that she dreamed of an angel who leaves her a pendant belonging to her long lost mother. She tells her father that she believes her mother is in danger and needs her help. What ensues is Trinity’s effort to reunite her disjointed family, and in the process, she teaches them the value of love, faith, and forgiveness.

“I can definitely relate to the movie and I know that my family and friends would enjoy it, because it’s not only family and faith friendly, but everyone can relate to it in a certain way,” Gluck told reporters at the recent Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills. “It’s a feel good movie, and anyone who watches it will walk away with gaining more understanding about life.”

The term “feel good” movie is not used by chance. Execs at GMC made a point to distance themselves from the original “Gospel Music Channel” moniker, touting the cable outlet as less of a channel devoted specifically to gospel music, and more of a destination for faith-friendly, family-friendly, feel-good fare – covering music as well as plays and films.

“I think with the GMC network, it’s not so much religion as it is uplifting and spiritual,” says Benet. “And I think with ‘Trinity Goodheart,’ they really tried to embody that. I don’t think this movie is trying to hit anybody over the head with any particular type of religious or gospel message as much as the movie is just nudging everyone in a positive, loving direction towards healing the relationships they have.”

In the bonus audio below, Erica Gluck explains how she was cast as the lead on “Trinity Goodheart.” The film premieres Saturday, Aug. 20, at 9 p.m.

Well, my manager sent the script to me and my father. And a few weeks passed and then this started becoming a reality. First I heard that, oh, you might be doing this movie called “Trinity Goodheart.” And then, as I got more involved with it and I read the script and it was an amazing script. I mean, Rhonda, who’s the writer — Rhonda Baraka — she’s an amazing writer and it was so intense. And I went to my acting coach, worked out the scenes. We taped them and we sent them back, and I got the part.

Erica Gluck on being cast as the lead in GMC’s Trinity Goodheart by CherieNic