VH1’s “The T.O. Show” returns Monday at 9:30 p.m. (Aug. 22) for a 10-episode third season that sees NFL star Terrell Owens and his publicists Monique Jackson and Kita Williams having to suddenly relocate from Los Angeles to Miami.

“You know what? We actually go through a lot of drama – the three of us,” Kita told us exclusively during a poolside party at the Television Critics Association press tour last month at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

“We have more issues personally this year because I think people forget we’ve known Terrell for over 12 years, and the stress that Monique and I have is not just about the business component of Terrell, it’s really about the personal,” says Kita. “A lot of people think the show just revolves around him, but our lives are also in limbo because everything that we do with him affects our lives as well and that’s a big deal.”

A huge deal this season is generated by Terrell’s off-season knee injury, which not only threw a wrench into every plan that Mo and Kita had set up for the current free agent, but sent a ripple effect through Mo’s new marriage when the pair had to move suddenly from Los Angeles to Miami and care for their biggest client.

“What black man would be okay with his wife going to live with another black man?” said Kita of Mo’s marital issue.

“My husband did not sit well with that at all,” added Mo. “Let’s put it this way, before I was married and started having babies, it was okay. We would always go on the road and do stuff with Terrell. Not a problem. Even when we go into town during the season and stay with him for a day or two, that was fine. But to literally get up and remove myself from my household for three months – at the drop of a dime,” was too much for Mo’s hubby.

In the bonus audio below, Kita goes into more detail about the “stress and tension” coming up this season due to Terrell’s torn ACL. [Scroll down to watch the season 3 trailer.]

Mo and Kita say TO’s knee injury messed up everything by CherieNic