Sisqo arrives at the ABBAWORLD Exhibition World Premiere at Earls Court on January 26, 2010 in London

*Before they became part of the R&B landscape with such provocative hits as “Tell Me” and “In My Bed,” the Baltimore R&B quartet Dru Hill actually decided to become a gospel group, believing it came with an easier road to a record deal.

But that lasted only several months. Fate interceded and the group signed with Island Records in 1996 as an R&B act for their self-titled debut. While band mate Woody left the group briefly to release his 2002 inspirational album “Soul Music,” it’s been about 15 years since lead singer Sisqo has returned to his gospel roots.

Last month, however, he popped up on fellow Baltimore native Cooli Hi’s new single “Sleep for Days,” a tale about trying to stay righteous when the devil’s pull is strong. The rapper first appeared on Sisqo’s 2001 single “Can I Live,” and Sisqo returned the favor, finding time to record background vocals for several of Cooli Hi’s tracks while traveling back and forth oversees promoting the third Dru Hill album “Dru World Order.”

Sisqo, currently working on his own solo album and a new Dru Hill project, explains in the audio below why the “Sleep for Days” track is just now coming out after being recorded five years ago, and why he had initial reservations to take part in the video — seen below.

Sisqo explains road to gospel single ‘Sleep for Days’ by CherieNic