*It’s over now, but Tami Roman of VH1’s hit reality TV series “Basketball Wives” spoke with Richmond, VA’s iPower92 personality TT Torrez about her recent fisticuffs with fellow show member Meeka Claxton.

(If you missed the fight, scroll down to watch it.)

By the way, Tami claims she did not get to see the episode because the taping of the reunion show happened the night it aired.

Also, Tami has relocated to LA to pursue acting roles and had no idea that Meeka had filed a lawsuit against her. But here’s the capper, Roman is saying that if Claxton isn’t dumped from the cast of upcoming season 4 (yes, it’s been renewed) she’s not coming back. So how about that?!

Check out the interview below. Again, if you missed seeing Tami pop Meeka, scroll down for that video, too.