Evelyn Lozada on the Season 3 "Basketball Wives" reunion episode on VH1

*With the “Basketball Wives” reunion set to air at 8 p.m. tonight on VH1 [scroll down to watch a sneak peek], star Evelyn Lozada is making headlines after deciding to drop her lawsuit against the woman she accused of leaking pics of her topless.

TMZ reported that Lozada sued a wannabe cast-member Vanessa Davis in 2010, claiming she was bitter when producers decided not to bring her on the show and retaliated by hacking into Lozada’s email, then swiping the nude pics and posting them online.

The website reported: “Evelyn’s lawyers searched high and low for Davis to serve her with the lawsuit — but couldn’t track her down. We’re told Evelyn got sick of wasting time, energy and money … and ultimately decided to drop the case altogether.

For her part, Davis tells TMZ, “Evelyn’s lawsuit had no merit. I am really happy that her tainted name is no longer attached to mine.”

In the exclusive interview below, Evelyn recalls the moment she knew “Basketball Wives” would be a wild ride. Scroll down to watch the first segment of tonight’s reunion episode.

Evelyn Lozada had no idea what she was in for when signing on for Basketball Wives by CherieNic