*He tried to fight it, but the judgment is just going to have to stick.

Barry Bonds attempted to get his conviction on obstruction of justice overturned, but the judge just wasn’t hearing it.

According to CNN, San Francisco Judge Susan Illston issued a 20-page order denying a new trial.

In 2003, the slugger got caught up in lies with the Feds during a grand jury appearance in a case regarding alleged use of steroids. So they threw the book at him with charges of perjury and misleading statements.

“It is clear from the language of the indictment, as well as from the manner in which the government has proceeded prosecuting this case, that defendant was at risk of being convicted of obstruction of justice on the basis of any and all statements that he made to the grand jury that were evasive, false, or misleading,” wrote Illston, in rejecting Bonds’ request for dismissal of the conviction.

But Bonds continues to stand his ground, denying the allegations.