*Rapper Beanie Sigel is facing up to three years in prison after he admitted in federal court Tuesday that he didn’t file or pay taxes between 2003 and 2005, reports MTV.

U.S. prosecutors estimate that the rapper owes approximately $350,000 on $1 million of unreported income. He subsequently pleaded guilty to three counts of failure to file his federal income tax returns and is due to be sentenced on Nov. 18.

However, the MC’s lawyer, Fortunato Perri Jr., tells MTV News  he doesn’t believe that the government’s calculations are entirely accurate.

“We intend to raise issues at the sentencing hearing which we believe will change those loss figures,” Perri Jr. told MTV News. “We’re going to ask the court to review our issues that we raised and our calculations, and it’s our hope that those numbers will be successfully challenged at the time of the sentencing hearing.”

If the court does recognize the defense’s new calculations, it could impact the judge’s decision during sentencing for Sigel. There’s even a likelihood that he wouldn’t have to do the statutory three-year maximum on the charges.