*Harry Belafonte, who spoke out against President Obama a few days ago,  kept it real again recently when he said Hollywood is not an industry friendly to the Black experience.

The 84 year old made the remarks during a discussion panel at the 102nd annual NAACP Convention held in Los Angeles.

He said the industry will “never ever yield to the needs of people of color.”

Among the panelists were Actor Louis Gossett Jr., actress-singer Tatyana Ali, actor-author Hill Harper and members of the Black Stuntmen’s Association. Belafonte urged the organization to become more involved in the industry and form a group of artists and thinkers to inspire the kind of “radical thought” necessary for change.

“It seems to me that long ago we could have put together black studios, put together a black distribution center,” Belafonte said. “Maybe we couldn’t reach 100 million, but we could reach 100,000, and have 100,000 exposed to a great truth. I’d rather have that than 100 million exposed to something vacuous and inaccurate.”

The discussion further elaborated that consumers and actors are responsible for the change that needs to take place in the industry. Belafonte encouraged the audience to stop playing victim and get it together.