*The Black Eyed Peas opened their newest youth academy in California over the weekend to encourage underprivileged teens to get involved in the arts.

The group has teamed up with Adobe Youth Voices to launch a series of Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academies across the U.S. over the last two years. The new site in San Jose, which was unveiled on Saturday (Aug. 6), is the fifth facility to be opened by the group.

An estimated 300 students are expected to enroll at the academy every year to study film, music and art.

“Every day we are inspired by the immense talent we see in young people,” says will.i.am. “The Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academies provide these youth with opportunities to advance their artistic and academic skills and channel their creative energy in ways we can only imagine. We are proud to help them make their voices heard.”