*BATON ROUGE – Bran Nue Productions released new book “MISCONCEPTIONS” by local author Cosha Hayes who writes under the name C. Hayes April 1, 2011.

Fiction work based on Gabrielle Payne, an eighteen year old young lady fresh out of high school that was definitely about to head down the wrong road. With little family and friends around she was looking for something really special.

Through all of the partying and different male friends her life was moving way too fast. She found hope that her life may can be just how she really wanted it to when she finally meets Tre’ Johnson. The general manager at a local mortgage company who had just what she needed, Thug Lovin.

He was all she ever wanted in a man. He was older, handsome, romantic, and he swept her right off her feet. Her dreams had finally come true. Little did she know her fairy tale relationship turned marriage was suddenly about to come to a devastating end.

With family in one ear and her best friend in the other, Gabrielle soon realizes that the man she married and who fathered her only son was suddenly becoming someone she didn’t know. The lies, cheating, sneaking around and his odd behavior were making her regret her not so perfect married life. Who was this guy? Was Tre’ Johnson getting tired of the married life or was he just showing her the person he really was all along. Gabrielle’s discovery of the person she married was mind boggling. She realized that from the beginning what she thought of Tre’ Johnson was only a Misconception.

The story shows just how easy one can get drawn to a person based on the representative they present in the beginning. Author C. Hayes shows how Gabrielle fell in love with her dream man, how through all the different women and deceit she found the strength and courage to leave, and how she let her heart love again with the ultimate question of “Will her new found love turn out to be just another Misconception?”

The book is now available on her website, Amazon.com, BN. com, in both print, Kindle and Nook versions.

“Never, never judge a book by it’s cover. Just because something looks good on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s not spoiled and rotten on the inside. I give Misconceptions five stars.” Yolanda Gore, Inspirational Literary Circle

C. Hayes is now working on her second novel “Life’s Dirty Lessons” all while working full time, being a mother of two boys of who she shares a business with and on a book tour with Misconceptions.

For more information on Cosha Hayes please visit her site at www.cshayes.com.