Curtis Young

At the age of 12, Curtis Young went through an emotional rollercoaster when he was told the truth of who his biological father was. Young had a stepfather by the name of Andre. But once an argument over a pair of sneakers came about, Young discovered this Andre was not his biological father; at this point, his mother told him Andre Romell Young (“Dr. Dre”) was his real father.

“Well people got to know who I am, that is what ‘Product of My DNA’ is going to intel,” said emerging rapper, Curtis Young. The Paramount, California native has been very productive as he is following the footsteps of his father, West Coast hip hop pioneer, Dr. Dre.

“It was life changing and real for me, said Young. “Before I found out at 12, I felt something was missing in my life and once I found out it felt like the right person made everything complete pretty much,’ he added.

Meeting his father for the first time at the age of 21, Young realized his father’s legacy. He wanted to continue the legacy but not known as Dr. Dre’s son, but as Curtis Young by bringing a new era to the West Coast.

His career started in the 2000’s when he was known as “Hood Surgeon.” Opening up an independent label, Hood Records, Young immediately acquired several talented newcomers. But Young left the Hood Surgeon behind for a more mature personality and artist with Young Entertainment Inc., and be known to the industry and world as “Curtis Young.”

His dedication and determination in the music industry is truly turning into much success for Young as he has generated a heavy buzz through mixtapes, which have many anticipating the release of his album. Young has recently released his first singles, “The Delivery” and “Natural High.” “The Delivery” has taken college radio stations by storm, jumping the charts to #1 in all categories. Currently, his newly release single, “Natural High,” has hit Billboards Top 100 Charts and debuted at #88 this June.

“Felt real good,” said Young. “It felt like all the hard work is paying off and I want people to understand the whole Curtis Young story,” he added.

Young wants the world the understand his story but that he is bringing a new era and style to the west coast and that the hip hop game now is different from the pinnacle his father started 20 years ago. “The realness in hip hop, the story vibes like the Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie is different on the line of storytelling,” said Young.

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