*Oprah Winfrey is now running her network OWN, but it isn’t an easy task for the media mogul. Via Facebook, she recently shared her thoughts about the new job.

“I spent my first full week at OWN merging new staff with Harpo folks. Alignment is the first step in getting anything to work,” she wrote. “I will say this,” she added, “it’s 10 times harder than doing my daily show. Doing that show felt like breathing every day.”

Also, her numbers have been low as far as network ratings and sales for the Oprah magazine have been falling. However, she’s staying optimistic and moving forward.

When asked if she were “frazzled” by it all, she tweeted, “Nope, not frazzled … I have faith that if I do what I’m supposed to — allow it to serve my purpose … I will succeed. ALL mag sales are down as we move ever more to digital. No regrets ending show. Onward!”