*Monice Mitchell Simms (pictured) was a savvy executive assistant for the fast paced offices of Tavis Smiley, when the lure of the pen and the call of the scribe within compelled her to make a choice.

With the support of her new spouse (relationship coach and author Ryeal Simms), Monice left the comforts of a steady paycheck to leap into the literary world.  The result is her first published novel titled, “Address: House Of Corrections.”   It was a six year journey, with the book reaching its first fans two years ago.

The main character is Merry, a thirty two year old ex-con and recovering addict.  The story follows the leading lady from her pre-teen days in Detroit’s 1940’s era back to Locust Grove, Georgia;  and all along the twists in between.   Though there are multiple surprising entanglements, the author describes a familiar backdrop.

“It’s for anyone who has those family secrets.  You can relate to this.  It talks about love, pain and growth.  It talks about the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters, and the things we don’t say to the people that we love the most.”

Monice is an accomplished journalist who often contemplated writing a  family expose’ for twenty years, but it took age and maturity to provide the courage to tell the story that was prompted by her grandmother’s voice.  One day while showering, Monice intercepted the supernatural echoes and she wrote what she heard with uncanny historic accuracy and took creative license with the rest.

Again, as Address: House of Corrections was taking shape, she consulted with her family:

“If there’s anything that you don’t want in this book,  I won’t put it in there!”

Her mother joyfully gave permission for Monice to share her story in an effort to help someone else unlock the mysteries and heal from their own family dramas.  There is also an accompanying ‘Address: House of Corrections” audio series available, while Monice works on the second book in the trilogy titled, “The Mailman’s Daughter.”

Monice Mitchell Simms and her husband Ryeal Simms also run Flower Girl Productions, where they have to their credit two Showtime showcase films and a web talk show “Prepare For Love,” hosted by Ryeal.  The couple continues to work with Tavis Smiley and recently participated in and provided media support for the Tavis Smiley Youth To Leaders conference in Los Angeles.

“There’s a lot of judgment in families and a lot of pain,  and the healing can’t come through because of mistakes that someone might have made.  You’re carrying that stuff around and if we forgive those that we love the most, we’d all be better.”

Monice Mitchell Simms, author of Address: House of Corrections

For more visit Monice’s blogspot at http://addresshouseofcorrections.wordpress.com/

Paperbacks and kindles of Address: House of Corrections are available at Amazon.com