*This Saturday and Sunday, August 20th and 21st, there’s a takeover happening on the Centric channel when Jill Scott dominates the evening line up with never before seen concert and video footage!

The majestic Miss Scott will delight viewers with segments from her riveting performance at  The Tower Theater in Philadelphia, and the special broadcast of “Hidden Beach Street Presents The Original Jill Scott: A Documentary.”

The latter is a half hour presentation which exposes revealing moments in Jill’s development as an eclectic, relevant, soulful and endearing artist.  Per usual Miss Scott is transparent as she expresses the mystery behind the freshness and the truth of her music:

“I’m a poet first, when I write poetry, it’s all quiet in my mind. When I write music and lyrics for songs, it depends on what the musician or the producer has offered.”

Hidden Beach music’s first signee delivered golden results.  Jill was signed a decade ago and  built traction with 7 acclaimed albums which grossed over 4.6 million in sales.  It all comes naturally for the Philly native with irresistible style.  The Grammy winner describes how the excellence of her material evolves:

“Sometimes they (her producers) will play a song and automatically the words will start pouring out and I’ll scramble to write it down real fast or it’s gone!”

The Jill Scott weekend on BET’s Centric channel also consists of a rebroadcast of “As Written” where Jill reveals the two year journey to the current “Light of the Sun” album.  Once again Jill mesmerized fans with So In Love (featuring Anthony Hamilton), the kick off single to the album; which debuted on Billboard at #1, a first in Miss Scott’s career and also the first release on Blues Babe & Warner Bros. records.

Jill parted from her parent label last year. It came as a surprise because the Jill Scott/ Hidden Beach combination seemed so magical.  Everything about it suggested that they got it right and that the perfect marriage of artist & record company had been achieved.  Typically this was not the case.  Despite disagreements, Hidden Beach president Steve McKeever still considers Jill Scott as family.  McKeever also had the great fortune of amassing time in a bottle, as Hidden Beach Presents The Original Jill Scott: A Documentary on TV One.  It is a prelude to CD and digital release of The Original Jill Scott From The Vault Volume 1; which drops August 29.

Pre-orders are available now at www.jillscott.com and the new spin off of that is “A Lovely Day,” featuring Walter Beasley and produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Currently Jill is finishing up her Budweiser Superfest Jill Scott Summer Block Party tour and enjoying the release of her second “Light Of The Sun” single titled “So Gone.” Things are shaping up all together lovely for actress, singer, songwriter and poet Jill Scott.  She is vested, vaulted, unleashed and valuable throughout all stages of her career.

For more on Centric’s Jill Scott weekend line up go to www.centrictv.com.